Watch out….there’s a hen do about 

For anyone who doesn’t know, I am getting married early next year which I am SUPER excited for! The time is coming round really quick, and with lots of events in between now and then I feel like I’m going to blink and it is going to be here! So, with all the exciting fabulous stuff that comes with a wedding – one thing that is just round the corner for me is my hen do! I’m off to Tenerife with a close bunch of friends, and I honestly cannot wait. There are 10 of us in total and to run down a quick brief on my group of friends, please see picture below with a short blurb about them all:

Starting with the top row, left to right.

Steph – loves to chat (typical hairdresser lol) one of those ones that pops in for one drink and 5 bottles later we are still going (not sure who is the bad influence). 

Laura – the baby of the group. My fellow sun junkie, shoe lover and RnB freak. Got me in trouble with a sausage roll once. Don’t ask.

Beth – the actual pure pain in my arse. But if I’m going to bring someone down with me – It’s always going to be her.

Middle row, left to right.

Kristy – call her Kirsty if you REALLY want a reaction. Sensitive soul, but believes she’s Beyoncé after a drink or two. 

Sarah – tiny enough to keep safe in your pocket. Big gym lover with the body to prove it (much to everyone else’s disgust – pass us the cake).

Jen – Jen, Jen, Jen. There is not enough time to go on about Jen. If you can get her to a party, she will be the life and soul I promise you. 

Bottom row, left to right.

Natalie – my long time friend, known since birth. Fellow Gin lover. Hopeless romantic, but has some great stories that come with it!

Sam – my partner in wine and my twinny. Had a run in with a possum once, a story she loves to tell.

Naomi – she’s not angry, she just has resting bitch face. (Although in this picture she actually looks like she is breaking a smile!) Drinks a lot of tea and reads a lot of books.

So, there you go, that’s my girl gang. And I love them very much for making this all happen. 

I thought I would do a blog about my 5 hen do holiday essentials (minus the obvious – passport, money, tickets, clothes) – I have been discussing what I am taking with me for MONTHS. I’m only going for 5 days, but you would think I’m going for 5 years! There’s a lot of planning that goes into girls suitcases. In no particular order…..

1. Some fancy swimwear 

We are going to a beach club when we are there so I thought I would go for a bit of sparkle! And I love pineapple print so I just couldn’t resist the other! Both of these were from boohoo. Click here to visit Boohoo

2. A drinking cup

Fancy drinking by the pool but saving pennies? Buy a bottle of your fav tipple at the airport get some mixer when you arrive – set up your own bar from your room! 

3. Music 

I lovvvvve music so I always make sure I’ve created a playlist before I go away! I use Spotify to create my own, or download pre made ones. I also use a wireless speaker. I only got this one earlier this year but it is GREAT. It’s the wireless, waterproof outdoor turtle – myself and Laura have one each and you can pair them to make it louder. *Queue 10 girls belting out a bit of the spice girls singing into their hairbrushes whilst getting ready.*

4. Cute beach/pool bag

How cute?! Ok, so I may of created the body I want to have with the luscious locks I dream of rather than a true reflection of myself – but I love this little customised jute bag! Perfect for carrying my bits to the pool/beach. I used customised by Laura as she was recommended to me by Naomi who had already ordered a few previous items from her, and I have to say Laura was brilliant and her prices are great too. You get to select hair, eye colour, outfit and other bits! Check out her website Click here

5. Make up bag

What girl is complete without her make up bag?! These are my go to items. 

Make up bag – Kurt Geiger 

Primer – benefit the pore fessional 

Foundation – Estée Lauder double wear and urban decay powder

Contour – NYX wonder stick 

Blush – maybeline dream touch blush 

Highlighter – benefit high beam 

Eyeshadow – urban decay naked 3 

Eyeliner – Lancôme crayon 

Eyebrow pencil – Ted Baker 

Mascara – maybeline lash sensational 

Lips – L’Oréal and soap and glory 

I tend to get most of my make up and face care items from Feel Unique online – they always have some great offers on. To visit their website Click here

I of course have many other things being squeezed into my case, but these were just a few at the top of my list. Countdown is on, get me to the sunshine and cocktails! 

Do you have any holiday essentials you always take? Let me know! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶❤️