You Will Never Regret Being Kind

I was so glad for it to be the weekend. How long was January guys?! Never ending! So finally pay day had arrived earlier in the week and I had made plans to go to the cinema with my fiancé, and grab a bite to eat. We were eating after the cinema, but I didn’t think I could make it through a film on an empty stomach, so had to get some nachos and a glass of prosecco – we will just call this a pre dinner snack. We decided to see Split – which FYI was a good watch, I even managed to stay awake throughout the whole film, which is record breaking for me. After getting out of the cinema and having a mini debate about where to go for food, we agreed on Wagamamas. Another glass of prosecco and some yum food (despite my order being forgotten about, my fiancé devouring his food in front of me, then spilling his plate of remains over the table whilst stabbing prawn heads with chop sticks as he impatiently waited for me to get my food and eat it.) 

The real part of this blog was something that happened as we were walking back to the car. I saw a lady shivering under a blanket sat outside. My heart sank. Regardless to what her story was and the reason for her not having anywhere to go was beside the point, this is not a nice situation for anyone to be in. We walked back to the car and so many things crossed my mind. Firstly, this weather – it has been freezing. I thought of the times I sat at home complaining about being what I call ‘freezing’. Not even being greatful for the roof I have over my head, the clothes in my wardrobe I can put on to add layers and the heating I can turn up. Secondly, she’s alone. Where are her friends or family? If anything happened to me I know I have full support around me. From serious matters to just having a bad day, there is always someone I can call. To not have anyone, is really upsetting for me. I started to then think about how she must be feeling – sad, alone, helpless, scared….I don’t know, I just couldn’t even imagine being in that situation. 

I couldn’t walk away not doing anything. I don’t like to give money as I don’t know what this goes to, and I wouldn’t want to be making the situation she was in any worse. I went to a McDonald’s that was round the corner (I wanted to find something a bit nicer! But not much was left open that was serving still) A cup of hot tea and something to eat, although it was a small gesture, I hoped it may help slightly.  

I walked back down to where she was, she was covering her face with the blanket to shield from the wind, I crouched beside her and said what was in the cup and bag – now, I have given people expensive, real thoughtful gifts in the past, but I have to say her response was probably one of the most genuine, thankful appreciative responses I’ve ever had. She was so greatful, and was super happy as it now also meant she had another sticker for her McDonald’s coffee card to get a free one in the morning. I passed the bag over as well and she could not of said thank you enough. I wished her well and off I went – I felt a small part of happiness as I returned to the car that for perhaps just a tiny moment, that although not life changing, but that might of made a slight difference to her evening. 

It got me thinking, this was 5 minutes of my time and less than £5 from my purse, not a big deal to me – but was a big deal for someone else. I appreciated everything I had last night. I know we can’t help everyone, but if you have a chance to possibly make a small difference to someone’s life, do it. You will never regret being kind. 

I woke up this morning still thinking about it -it led me to a website – random acts of kindness foundation. And they are launching a #RAKWEEK2017 – you are invited to join in a week of kindness from Feb 12-18. Helping to build a kinder world? That’s the sort of place I want to be – I have signed myself up….so stay tuned.

If you are interested – please Click here to take you to their website. Or check out their social channels below.


Let’s help turn the world kind ❤

Lots of love,

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶