Baby It’s Cold Outside

I am not an Autumn/Winter baby at all. I am already over the cold weather and it’s not even been THAT cold yet. If I could hibernate through these months, I would. Give me sunshine, flip flops, beer gardens and ice creams ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. I am not made for this weather, the dark nights or the fashion that comes with it.

So, I have made a A-Z guide of some things that help me through the cold months/run up to Christmas (because lets face it – the clocks hit 12am on the 1st Novemeber and everything is now Christmas related- EYE ROLL. At least wait until December!).

A is for ALCOHOL

Ohhhh come on, you knew I was going to start with this one. For the cold weather, a nice mulled wine or a Baileys hot chocolate to keep your insides warm and cosy. Even a hot toddy when the inevitable winter cold starts making the rounds!



For all the organised people out there who have started their Christmas shopping already (you crazy lot) – hold off on some of those items! Black Friday/Cyber Monday is fast approaching and there may be some good deals and discounts that could help you save a few pennies along the way.

C is for CUDDLES

Cold nights mean more cuddle sofa nights in, than nights out. Need extra warmth? Get a dog. Stuck for what sort of dog that likes snuggles? Get a pug. Honestly, you won’t ever be alone and they LOVE to be curled up close to you, and when I say close I mean right on top of you – but be warned, you will have to put up with some noisey snoring. (Note though, a dog is for life and not just for Christmas lol)

D is for DOG WALK

Ok so I don’t like the cold weather, but I can appreciate the beautiful colours and changes that these seasons bring (well, autumn over winter I would say). Having a dog means I can get out and about to see nature’s beauty. Winston also enjoys when you throw leaves in the air so he can try to catch and eat them (pugs really will eat anything).


If you have read my recent posts, you will know I have currently started doing eyelash extensions. These are for anytime of year, but come Decemeber, it is officially PARTY SEASON. Get some lush lashes that save you time and look amazing. Check out my Instagram @lashesbylisauk

F is for FRIENDS

Arrange a night in – theme it if you want! Mexican, film night, cocktail night – or put on your fave dress with your highest heels and go out -whatever! Gather your besties and have some fun.

Support your local girl gang.

G is for GYM

The dreaded gym. Who needs it? It’s winter – I’m living in big oversized jumpers, what’s underneath?? That is the question – am I rocking a banging bod or have I got rolls for days? You will never know. Well, the sad truth is you will know as soon as that temperature starts rising and that jumper needs to come off. Cue the mad panic to get your summer body.

H is for HOLIDAY

And when I say holiday, I mean book one! This time of year I need some sunshine to be looking forward to. I am a beach bum, sun junkie, cocktail loving kinda girl, so I will be searching for the warmest places to go with long stretches of beach and an all inclusive bar. Any suggestions??

I visited the Dominican Republic earlier this year, it was an amazing holiday – even if we did get a lot of rain!

I is for ICE

And I don’t mean the kind you put in your drink. Of course, the cold weather brings the ice. From it being on your car when you need to be somewhere fast and it is taking 500 years to melt, to stepping out and about and end up performing your own version of Torvill and Dean’s Bolero without the skates. Stack up on the de Icer for the car (also keep a little survival kit such as a blanket and water in case you breakdown, or get stuck in very bad traffic). As for tackling the ice under your feet, it’s a bit obvious, but BE CAREFUL.


I much prefer summer clothing but I do love a jumper dress worn with some boots. Warm but not completely covered up. What’s your winter go to outfit?

I haven’t done a lot of winter clothes shopping so far – however I have seen Dani Dyers range at in the style and like a few of her items! This dress is on my list –

It’s available in Pink and also Grey, you can shop this by CLICKING HERE


I think there is always time to be kind and they do say this time of year is for giving. Here are a couple of examples you could look at:

  • Instead of asking for a gift for Christmas, ask to donate to a charity that you support
  • Stop by an elderly neighbour for a cup of tea/walk their dog/do their shopping
  • Volunteer some time at your local charity shop
  • Donate Food/Toys/Books
  • want a free and simple one – SMILE at others, or even push the boat out and say hello!


I think there is always space for learning new things. Whether it be something to do with what you already do, something completley new or totally random! I have said for a long time that I would like to learn to speak Spanish (damn my school days only offering French and German). I like travelling, so to be able to speak a different language would be great (and to not be a typical Brit who shouts and speaks slowly to others when abroad – don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean lol)


Ahhhh I love reminicing! Get your friends around, bring out the memories – laugh about the good times, cringe at the awkward times, realise how much you have grown from the bad times. I LOVE photos. For others to look at, they may not look like anything other than a shameless selfie of me and my friends, pictures of my dog, a plate of food – but it isn’t just about the picture, it’s the memories that come from it that I love.

From throwing it right back to when I was little (featuring my big bro)

To holidays (when I could eat what I want and put no weight on – took that for granted didn’t I 😆)

To Winston being small enough to fit in my hand and being unbelievably cute

To friends hen do’s

To more holidays

To becoming superhero’s for the day

To local nights out that get out of hand

To holidays that get even more out of hand

And to moments I will always treasure

N is for NETFLIX

There is SO much to chose from! Sometimes I think I spend more time flicking through than watching a programme, but I find it hard to get into a series, it has to grasp me right from the beginning. If you haven’t watched The Haunting of Hill House – I would recommend it! Any suggestions, let me know! I love all the easy programmes and films on there to watch even if I have seen them 100’s of times before!


Too cold to go out? Stay in and do some organising! Sort out your clothes, clear out a room, set some week goals, meal plan, have a big top to bottom house clear out – Get it done.

P is for P.A.R.T.Y

I love a party! Out out party or house party! And what better excuse? IT’S PARTY SEASON. The run up to Christmas there is always lots of things going on. And what even better excuse for a sparkly dress and heels!

Q is for Quilt

I like to make a little den with quilts in my living room, for a cosy sunday in. Snacks and rubbish binge worthy TV. Duvet days are the best! Winston also likes to get involved!


I don’t know about you, but if there is any time of year I get ill it’s towards the end. I feel my immune system does a mighty fine job of keeping me fit and healthy throughout the year, but when it comes to the break off over Christmas I feel like my whole body goes in to melt down and I pick up every bug along the way. So I think it is really important to take some time to relax and recharge. Have some ‘me’ time. You deserve it.

S is for SELF CARE

Following on nicely from Relaxing – Look after yourself! Whether it’s a simple night in with a face mask and pedicure to rest your feet or de cluttering a room to release stress and confusion from the mind. Love yourself more!


Well it is Christmas after all! I am definitely one of those people when shopping for others – “you know who would like that?” ME. Into the shopping basket it goes.


Just don’t go out without one. Don’t risk it. Keep one in your bag, keep one in your car – this weather is just too temperamental!


The winter weather does not take it easy on me. From the harsh winds on my skin giving me really uneven bleugh skin to my immune system running low trying to fight off all the cold and flu that is floating around.

I like to take the Protien World Collagen Beauty Blend for my skin and hair. As I have crept up into my 30’s I have noticed my skin becoming more wrinkly (hands to face and screams like I’m in a horror movie) this beauty blend is designed to help clear skin and fight wrinkles. You can purchase this product on the Protien World website CLICK HERE TO VIEW

I also take a day to day multi vitamin tablet to try and keep the pesky bugs away.


If you haven’t been – go! Even if you aren’t a Christmas fan, there is loads to do and has a really good vibe. It opens at Hyde Park in London on the 22nd November running through until the 6th January from 10am-10pm. It is also free entry too, with lots of attractions and things to do. Click here to view

X is for XMAS

OK, OK – I hate spelling Christmas this way but X is a difficult letter. Get together with friends and family, wait for the fat man in the red suit, time off work and unlimited amounts of food. It sounds like a good day to me.


Why are girls (including me) obsessed with candles? I have 100’s of them, so many that I buy or receive as gifts and feel they are too nice to burn! What occassion am I waiting for here, a visit from the Queen? Get burning those lushious smelling candles (Yankee of course being the fave in my opinion). At this time of year I often buy my candles from a company called Campus Gifts, they are a local business close by to me in Chesham. They have an online shop selling fab gifts as well as Yankee candles, you can check them out by CLICKING HERE

You can also get a Yankee candle advent calendar – this is available at Asda CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Z is for Zzzzz

Winter time is for being cosy, wrapped up in bed getting some Z’s in – in other words, getting some sleep. And bed is where I would like to stay until spring……..

So, there you have it – a few things that get me through Winter. What do you love/hate about this time of year?

Stay warm, stay cosy and thanks for dropping by to read my blog!

Love Lisa xxx

Mental Health Awareness

One of my good friends contacted me this week to say he was doing a fundraiser for a charity called Mind. A charity, if I’m honest, I had not heard too much about myself. Of course happy to help him out, I had a look at their website to see what they were all about. This is a mental health charity – A topic I feel that isn’t spoken about enough. I think everyone at some point in their life will either suffer from mental health problems, or will know someone who has. Many people fight on a day to day basis with depression, anxiety, extreme mood changes, stress, worry – just to name a few. Why is it that we seem to place more importance on physical health over mental? We are taught to look after our bodies – but why don’t we practise mental first aid?

Mental health awareness isn’t just a way to right wrongs and to stop people judging and ignoring. It’s a great opportunity to help all the people who feel like they’re suffering alone.

One of the best things you can do for someone in this situation is to listen to them, or if you are the person having trouble, find someone you can talk to. Don’t feel silly or that you might be judged – know one thing, you are not alone. It is important to share these emotions and feelings, what you are going through doesn’t make you strange or mean something is wrong with you.

I would like to share a part of my life where I can relate to the feeling of being a bit lost and not quite myself. I was going through a very rough patch in my life and I became very obsessesive, and strangely over one thing in particular- recycling. Now, I had always been good at recycling where I could – but when I hit this blip I went overboard. Anything and everything that could be thrown away I would have to check if it could be recycled. If my recycling boxes at home were over flowing, I would have to take them to a recycle bank before the bin men collected. If I was out and about, rubbish would come home with me so I could recycle it properly. If friends came round and put things in the normal bin that I felt shouldn’t have been in there, I would take them out when they left. It was a daily thing and although very good for the environment, it was not great for my mental health. I started telling myself if I didn’t do it, something bad might happen. To the outside world I’m not sure I carried myself too differently from normal, I got on with my day to day life with a smile on my face. But underneath I felt I had become very out of control and couldn’t handle my emotions. I felt quite alone and all over the place. I didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t think I needed to – and even if I did, how do I even start that conversation?! It all seemed a bit ridiculous, and I was embarrassed. At the time I didn’t see what or why I had become this crazy obsessed recycling lady but I later realised that with my obsession, I had a system. It was neat and organised. And I felt I was in control of it. It gave me some sort of satisfaction that although the rest of my life at that point felt very much everywhere – this one part was controlled for me and I thought it made me feel slightly better. I was extremely lucky to meet 4 girls at work, who happened to invite me to a get together they were having one night (to this day I do not truely know what made them ask, but I am so thankful they did) and that is when I realised I wasn’t going to be judged and maybe they could help. It was simple, they had identified I was having some issues and simply asked if I was ok. That was it. And it was then that I realised I wasn’t OK, but I finally was ready to talk about it. All the emotion, how I was feeling, just came out over time. Nobody laughed at me, no one judged me, they had moments they could relate. I didn’t even realise I was fighting OCD, until I started to talk about my problems. A weight had been lifted and it felt so good. I found great comfort in these girls from then on (and still to this day!) To say they were a help to me, is the biggest understatement ever. I found the more I spoke about my problems and fears in my mind, the more free I became of the voices in my head. I was relaxing, becoming me again. The recycling became less of a worry, I still do take care of the environment of course, but I do not think of it the way I did then. I hope by sharing this that it helps people, even if it is just one person, to see you do not have to be frightened to talk about what you are feeling.

A picture of me and the girls from 2012 ❤️ (in animal onesies for a New Years party!)

If you can do one thing today, ask someone if they are ok. How they are feeling. If there is anything you can help with. And if someone asks you any of these questions, respond in the best way you feel you can at the time. It isn’t easy, but it is all progress.

If you are in need of someone to talk to and you aren’t sure who to turn to, the fantastic charity Mind are there to help give the support you might need. Please click here to visit there website

As I mentioned, my friend Dan is  fundraising for this incredible charity. He will be completing a 12 hour badminton session on the 16th December. I can barely stay awake for 12 hours let alone play a sport for that long, so I tip my hat to him. This is a very important charity for Dan and for many others, if you could in any way support him with his fundraising this would be greatly appreciated.

Please click here to visit Dan’s JustGiving page
Alternatively, you can text a donation – Winston has given the details of how to do this below:

Here is a pic of Dan and I!

No one should have to suffer in silence with Mental Health. Help someone out if you can. A great link from the mind website if you want further information of how to help someone who has a mental health issue Please click here

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog ❤️ Happy Friday, and have a lovely weekend ❤️

Love Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶

The simple life

It’s been FOREVER since I have posted. I’ve been real slack….caught up being busy doing…well, I’m not too sure what. But I want to get back into it, I find writing one of the most therapeutic things to do. So here I am, hi again! 

This gave me a perfect idea for a blog. As I said, I’ve been caught up being busy. Doing what though? Obviously I haven’t been sat doing nothing this whole time, I have a 9-5, home life to live and not forgetting to be sociable. But really, too busy to not find a few hours to do something I enjoy? I feel it becomes a very good excuse “I’m just too busy”. I’m terrible for making life more complicated than it needs to be – I’m a worrier, and I’m very good at thinking about all the things that need doing – but honestly not as good actioning them. I just complicate things. If I spent more time doing the jobs that need doing than just thinking about them, I’d free up a lot more time to do stuff I love and spend time with the people I love. So here are some ideas I feel will help start living the simple life (or maybe I should say more simple, because is life ever completely simple?!) 

The big clear out 

Room by room get rid of the things you no longer use or need. I always find I make more of a mess before it starts to look better! Get some boxes and some bin bags and go wild. If you haven’t used it/work it in the past 6 months do you REALLY still need it?! That top you bought when you were 17 that you LOVED and are convinced it will come back into fashion at some point, and although it is a big snug (and by snug I mean you can barely get it over your head) you will of lost those few pounds by the time everyone will be wearing them….No. JUST NO. It has to go. Do it in small chunks or dedicate a whole weekend for it, either way get it done – you will not be disappointed on the satisfactory feeling that comes with it.

Learn to say no

I find this hard. I’m a people pleaser, I don’t like the thought of letting anyone down. But sometimes saying yes to more than you can handle, is not the answer. Learn to say no guilt free. It does not make you a bad person. 

Spend time with people you love 

Simple. Wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends or family – whoever. These people bring out true happiness, the more you do it the happier you will be. 

Spend time alone

This isn’t easy for everyone. I love having a little time to myself. It can do wonders for your peace of mind. 

Manage your money

I am guilty of spending my money like it grows on trees. I am one that believes work hard and play harder, but money can cause stress. I never want to cut out having fun, but I’m an over spender – especially on food and drink! Managing my money is something I could do better. Set up direct debits, cut off useless spending (trust me, go through your bank statement and look at the random spending!) and perhaps look at a monthly budget. 


How many ‘friends’ clog up your feeds with useless posts etc? No offence people. Social media wastes a lot of time, your mental energy and sanity. I guess ideally if you can ditch the lot, how simpler would life be?! But if not, narrow down what you chose to view, you don’t need to follow the whole world. It can be addictive and brain washing, and people only post what they want you to see. Do more things to make you forget to look at your phone. 

The things you put off – do them

Once they are done, they are done right? No more mental burden on your mind. Usually, putting these things off only make them worse – if you do it sooner rather than later you can tick it off the list. 

And finally…..ask for help

This doesn’t make you weak. I’m guilty of not doing this in the worry that I’m adding more things to someone else’s list. You can’t always do everything. Don’t feel bad to admit you need help sometimes. 

So, that’s a few steps I plan to try and live a simpler lifestyle. It’s a bank holiday weekend so I’m going to start with a bedroom clear out – Wish me luck! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! If anyone has any tips or advice for a simpler life, please comment below! 

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶❤️

Just a little note…

In January I mentioned about getting back in the gym again – I got myself a gym buddy (my friend Jen) and together we decided we were going to smash it out of the park this year. 4.30am wake ups to be at the gym for 5am. That first 5mins of waking up is an absoloute killer. It is make or break for me – the feeling I get when my alarm goes off, is what I can only imagine the end of the world will feel like. Dragging myself out of my warm, cosy bed. Out of my dreamy slumber. To take me to to a place that resembles hell. Why would I want to do this to myself? Why not just close my eyes again? I have been working hard, have a rest. I will start again tomorrow. I really cant be bothered. I am so tired. Honestly, the list of these and many more go through my head EVERYDAY. Once I am out the door, I completley forget about the morning monster I have just emerged from, albeit I still resemble one at that time. A few weeks in and we were starting to get into full swing, and it was even getting easier to get up (only by a tiny bit).

There is always time to take a quick mirror selfie

Then we hit a bump, both of us had reasons we couldn’t go to the gym for a few days. The few days turned into a week. The week turned into 2. Why is it so easy to fall out of a routine and so hard to get back to it! So, this Thursday just gone we said we HAD to get back to it. NO EXCUSES. Thursday morning at 4.30am the miserable monster was back and pulled herself out of bed, it seemed harder than ever. But at least I done it….a certain someone turned her alarm off and didn’t turn up, I won’t mention any names though lol.

A few weeks before, I had been making a little gift for Jen (oops mentioned her name) to help us along with a bit of motivation, so I thought what a perfect day to leave this for her on her doorstep.

What I had done was a jar of little notes for the year that included motivation quotes, workouts, inspirational quotes and just random blurb, that hopefully would make her feel positive when getting up – either about working out, herself, life or just make her laugh. One small positive thought in the morning, can change your whole day. So far, she has had quotes to wake up to….which I am pleased about as when I added the hardcore workouts in, I kind of forgot that I would have to get myself through these too at the gym – I can safely say I am nervous for the days she pulls those ones out.

Winston gave me a hand of course

So, we are back in the game – and heres to it continuing! Holidays and a wedding to work for, so we should have plenty of motivation to get us out the door in the morning! If you have had a small period of time off, or even if you have had a gym membership for a year and have had reasons/excuses to not go (it is easy to do, I have been there!) – get a gym buddy, get in a routine. It starts hard, but every day gets that little bit easier to do it. You’re future self will thank you for it!

And as it’s been Random Acts Of Kindess week – if you have some spare time and want to cheer someone up why not do a jar of notes! It doesn’t have to be a year, it can be for certain days, or when someone is just feeling a bit down – or even stick random post it’s at work, home or even a bus stop for people to find!

Give Jen a follow on Instagram ❤ @jennifer_carr88
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Love Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐾❤

Dear younger self…

I turned 30 last year, and I honestly thought it was going to be a big life changing moment for  me the way ‘the big 3 0’ is spoken about……my birthday appeared – I turned 3 0 andddddd would you believe it?! I woke up feeling EXACTLY the same as I did when I was 29 (apart from the excitement of it being my birthday of course) The only thing that really changed was I now get asked “soooo, how does it feel to be 30? Anything different?!” In all honesty, no. What did I or anyone else expect to happen?! But I have reflected on my teenage years and I thought about how I wish I knew back then, what I know now. So, if I could speak to my younger self, here was some of my thoughts….

Being popular in school 

I cared WAY too much about this. I was never part of the popular gang. And back then it really bothered me. Has it affected my life now? NO. Do the people in your life now care if you were in the popular group? NO. So just don’t worry about it. Those popular people are highly unlikely to be part of your future life. 


It’s hard making friends in your teens – and girls can be RIGHT bitches. Sometimes people you have spent a lot of time with become – not friends, not enemies but just strangers with memories. I am lucky enough to still be great friends with 2 middle school friends, but  I drifted from my secondary school friends within what felt like pretty much the moment I left that school. I later in life met a small group of girls that I worked with – they became my rocks, and very much still are. I learnt it’s less important to have tons of friends, and more important to have real ones. 

Your parents 

They aren’t as embarrassing as you think. Honestly. Ok ok, they have to embarrass you every now and again, that’s just part of the parent title! But remember they are humans too……be nice, respect them and look after them. Be thankful – you will realise how much they did for you when you look back – try to appreciate it at the time. The moments you think ‘eurghhh they are SO unfair!’ Think about the bigger picture….perhaps maybe they aren’t being as irrational as you think.


The one that broke your heart and you thought you would never get over it? The one you can’t possibly live without? You will. Trust me. And you will laugh about how ridiculous you were. It will be them who miss out, and when they realise, it will be too late (cue holding a hairbrush in front of the mirror singing Beyoncé – Best thing I never had). Take a moment to curse, cry, moan, hope they stand on lego and then MOVE ON – forget what hurt you, but remember what it taught you. 

The big life plan

There is no plan. And it is impossible to live your life expecting everything to be how you plan it – you won’t enjoy the moments, you will be flapping it isn’t going to plan – and it will STRESS YOU OUT. Job I love by 18? Married by 23? Kids by 26? Nope, nope and nope. Life doesn’t work like that. So just enjoy every moment and take it as it comes. 

Be nice 

Simply, because you never know what someone is going through. Just be a nice person, it really isn’t hard. 

Save the pennies

Getting a job and getting a nice little pay packet at the end of the month always feels great. But getting in debt is not the one. So save small amounts, this will turn to big amounts – and its totally worth it. 


Stop wishing it away. Eventually you will want to rewind it!


Do more of what you want to do 

It’s your life, no one else’s. Don’t be influenced by others or what is the said right thing to do. Do what makes YOU happy. 

And finally….be young

Make the most of having no responsibilities, adulthood comes with a WHOLE lot of them. Once you’re an adult – YOU ARE AN ADULT. Go through bad fashion, horrific make up and terrible self chopped hair cuts. Life without the internet, phones and video games – these were the best times. 

Make the most of it, enjoy it – and be happy! Is there anything you would tell your younger self?

🌟 Happy Sunday! 🌟

Lisa 👸🏼❤

It’s that time of year again…

New year new me….I’m sure we say this every year. New Years resolutions made on the 1st Jan and failed by the 2nd. Resolutions have never really been my thing. I am trying to think of a year when I have truly stuck to a resolution…..sad to say I don’t think there is one. 

Now, I am a bit late jumping on the band wagon this year, I’ve had a terrible case of man flu over the past week or so and I am only just feeling more human like (awww poor me) As always, the same as a lot of people, it seems to be a reoccurring resolution that I have… well and excercise more. My problem is I expect results over night! (If only!)  I wish I had the body I moaned about in my late teens early twenties! Now, do not get me wrong – I do not think I am obese, nor do I need to shed tones of weight, but I would like to be fit and healthy, and look after my body more. 

This year I am going with more of an open mind and small lifestyle changes, rather than a resolution…..I don’t know how much of a difference that makes but I’m going with it! 

One big failure I do every year is saying I can’t have this and I can’t have that. So first things first is to not banish all the food I love – this definitely makes it unrealistic for me to stick to. If I want a big fat burger and chips on a Saturday night with a bottle of prosecco – I will have it. It’s about balance. 

I want to take the time to cook more meals and know what is going into my food. I actually enjoy cooking, I just feel I make the excuse of not having enough time (normally because I am so impatient and eat the entire contents of my cupboards whilst I wait for my food to cook). And what brings good friends together? GOOD FOOD. More meals in rather than meals out. 

I got the Joe Wicks lean in 15 book for crimbo, so this will certainly come in handy. Along with a jar of the good old Lucy Bee coconut oil.  You can get his book in pretty much all book stores but here is the website for more information of what the body coach is all about – Click here or if you want to check out details of Lucy Bee or find your local stockist Click here

There is always temptation around. Biscuits with your tea, sweets in the shop or a big fat slab of cake from the local cafe. Eating rubbish tends to leave you feeling like rubbish. As they say, a moment on the lips a life time on the hips….it’s even hard for pugs to resist.

There is no ‘we’ in food. I am not a sharer. But when it comes to other people’s food, I eye up my friends food before I have even finished my own. What a greedy guts! (Winston giving a good example of this below.) Self control is the key, cutting down on portions and leaving everyone else’s left overs on their plates rather than shovelling them in my belly. 

ALCOHOL. The dreaded alcohol. To me drink responsibly means to not spill it. I love a cheeky drink (or two) with friends at the weekend, but maybe to be even more responsible and cut back on the calorific beverages…

And moving onto the good stuff. I like using bootea 28 day teatox, all the ingredients are 100% natural. This always helps me feel less bloated, more energised and gives great results. If you want more info on bootea – Please click here

As I am getting older (sigh) I appreciate being out and about more. The beautiful changing seasons to the friendly people I meet on dog walks. I’d like to walk more places, enjoy the fresh air. Take Winston on longer adventures, admire the outdoors. Added bonus of burning calories as well.

I would rather every day be rest day. But I don’t think it works that way unfortunately. I have a gym membership that I couldn’t tell you the last time I used. So, next step is get to the gym more. 3 times a week at least, whether it be classes or general gym sessions. Something to get me moving the muscles I’ve forgotten I have. 

With these changes to my lifestyle…I hope to have a healthier, happier body and mind. 

I have lots of exciting things planned for 2017 and even for 2018! So here’s to hoping in a years time, I will be glad I started now. I hope to blog about recipes, trips out and about and gym sessions so I will keep you posted of my progress! 

Wishing you all a very happy 2017! 

Lots of love, 

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶