Peanut butter is life….(for Winston)

Peanut butter – I find it is one of those things you either love or hate. I like peanuts, and I like butter…..but peanut butter, no no not for me thanks. The smell brings back memories of being a child and my brother having it smothered on his toast in the mornings. It now has a more recent memory for me where I went on a self catering holiday with a friend, we were budgeting so decided to do rolls for lunches, I went for traditional ham and cheese and she went for peanut butter – you would of thought she was eating the most expensive lavish meal, she was really enjoying her little tiny finger roll caked in the stuff – I even think she said ‘this is the best roll she’s ever had’ – that’s a pretty big statement to make, perhaps I am missing out on the PB craze. 

Anywho, this isn’t about what I like to have in my sandwiches whilst sunning it up abroad. This is about the new found love for Winston. I’m always trying to find new things to put in his Kong. One of his Instagram pals, another Winston (check out his page – @winstonwiggles he is a peanut butter nutter with a super smashing set of nashers!) And we thought it was about time to give some of the gooey stuff a go. 

I have a great pet store close by to me called unique pets – and thought I would see if they sold it. I came across the Peamutt Butter for dogs made by Duerr’s. So into the basket it went with everything else I saw along the way that I think Winston might like (this dog gets more treats than I do!) 

Well, I got home and put the bag on the floor – of course Winston was head first in there to see what goodies he had. I pulled out the peanut butter, and he sat patiently with his big goggly eyes popping out of his head in desperation to know what it was. Honestly, this smells EXACTLY the same as human peanut butter. If I liked it, I probably would of tried it myself to be honest. I don’t think I need to explain too much about how much Winston liked it – I will show you the pictures instead, as I feel this shows love at first sight in all its glory. 

Pure love right?! He now goes nuts (no pun intended) when he see’s the jar! I would definitely recommend this nutty treat for your dog, it is not expensive and has no hidden nasties – and most of all it’s delicious according to Winston! Although, he’s more annoyed the effort he has to put in to get it out of his Kong compared to licking it straight from the jar!

If you are in the Buckinghamshire area I highly recommend Unique Pets. You can find more information on their website – Please click here or check out their Instagram page @unique_pets_

The makers of peamutt butter also do some delicious looking human jams and recipes too! Check out there website Click here

Please note I am not paid or sponsored to blog  – I do it out of my own love for writing my blog on a quiet evening in, relaxing with a glass of wine and a pug curled on my lap. I like to spread (another pun – I just couldn’t help myself) good things when I find them! 

Thanks for stopping by – we hope you have a FAB bank holiday weekend! Any comments feel free to leave them below! 

Lots of love, 

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶❤

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