All That Glitters Giftware 

Dog lovers are my kind of people. If you were to say to me “but it’s just a dog” it will instantly make me think… “and you’re just an idiot”. I don’t think I have ever walked past a dog without the burning urge to say hello and stroke it, I sign my dogs name on my Christmas cards (Yep! One of them) and I talk to my dog probably more than I talk to anyone else! (The best type to talk to, they never disagree and can keep secrets.)This is just a few signs of being a crazy dog lady – but my dog taught me a lot that I needed to know….

If you haven’t read my previous blogs, Winston is my fur ball pug. My friend Laura, has a sausage dog cross Jack  Russell named Ralph, and they are great dog pals. Without the dogs, myself and Laura are very good friends – but the unconditional love for our pooches brings us even more so on to the same level, and we could quite literally talk about them all day. How can you not love these faces?!

This year my friends and I decided to do secret santa, and I got Laura. A best friend should surely be super easy to buy for right? WRONG…. What do you buy a girl who has everything?! 

So, luckily Laura being a dog lover like myself  – I figured you can never go wrong with getting something dog related. People always buy me Pug presents – pug mug, pug socks, pug stationary absolutely ANYTHING with a pug on….I am yet to receive one I don’t like! You cannot go wrong with a pug gift in my book. I am a crazy pug lady as I said. But I was finding that sausage dogs, and sausage dog crosses at that, are not as popular dogs that appear in the dog gift world. 

As you may of guessed from my previous posts, I like to support small businesses when I can. I am an active user of Instagram and often stumble across fabulous unique gifts. One of these great accounts is Nicky at All That Glitters Giftware. She makes incredible glitter glasses – what girl isn’t drawn to a bit of glitter?! I originally was in contact with her a few months back where she kindly helped donate to a charity giveaway, which I was super greatful for. Nicky has a great range of designs in her Etsy shop, including a variety of different dog breeds, so I contacted her about making a sausage dog design. I stupidly had left this a bit late to make it in time for Christmas, Nicky was so helpful and kindly squeezed my order in. She kept in contact with picture updates and let me chose the glitter colours on the glass. I was so pleased with the end product when I received it! I just love how glittery it is! Here it is in all it’s glory – staring Winston of course.

I teamed this with some sausage dog slippers that I found on the internet to complete my gift. A sausage dog lovers perfect gift I would like to think!

As you can tell in the pics, Winston was not chuffed that this was not pug related….so next on my list is one for me! Pugs and lots of glitter – two of my favourite things!

There are so many lovely designs, wether you are a dog lover, Harry Potter fan, something for the holiday seasons and many more – and if there is something specifically you are after message to ask, as Nicky goes above and beyond to make the perfect gift.

Visit the All That Glitters Giftware Etsy store – Click here

Or you can view on Instagram @allthatglittersgiftware 

A late Merry Christmas from me, and of course the fluff eating hairball, Winston! We hope you all have had a fabulous time, and are looking forward to 2017! 

Lots of love,

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐶


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