There she glows…

I hold my hands up! I definitely do not have the best skin care routine out there…I will admit it, I am lazy. Even though I own zillions of products, I don’t always do the whole cleanse, tone, serum, eye serum, moisturise, blah blah yawn and the rest of it. Even on occasions – usually after one too many G&T’s – I don’t take my make up off at night …GUILTY.AS.CHARGED. (Cue hands on face and gasps from all the daily skin routine people out there, I tip my hat to you gods and goddesses of skin care.)  

However, when I do chose to actually make the effort, I like to think I pick some great products for my skin (if I do say so myself). One of my FAVOURITE brands is Kiehl’s – and you will probably see a few blogs pop up in the future featuring their products – today it’s all about the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. I love to get this out when my skin is looking dull and just, well bleughhh. Especially with this winter weather –  we work so hard on concentrating on keeping it protected in the summer, we forget about it at this time of year! But what about the harsh cold weather on your skin?! It can be just as damaging!

It contains unique ingredients from near the Amazon river in Northern Brazil (if you can’t take me there, bringing the ingredients to me will have to do).

It has a creamy, cool, clay texture that smells clean and fresh. Applying this to my skin always feels cleansing and refreshing straight away. As it starts to dry, you can see your pores showing whilst your skin is in deep cleansing action – I find this super satisfying! Apply a thin layer avoiding the eyes, leave it on your skin for 10 mins (perfect excuse to sit down, close your eyes and relaxxxx), wipe off with warm water and – TA-DAAAA beautiful, glowy, fresh, clear skin. As simple as that.

Now what would my post be with out my handy little helper, Winston….

Key ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera – soothes, softens and comforts the skin 
  • Amazonian White Clay – purifying and detoxifying. This helps to remove toxins, excess oil and dead cells.
  • Bentonite – absorbs oil and helps to reduce shine

This product is ideal to use once or twice a week…..or if you are like me and don’t quite stick to a routine as such – just when you remember your skin needs a pick me up every now and again! – Then get this face mask out and have a little fix of loveliness in a pot. 

This retails at £21.50, and I think it is really worth the spend. Currently on the Kiehl’s UK website you get 3 complimentary samples and free delivery too!

To view the rare earth cleansing masque on the Kiehl’s website please CLICK HERE

Share your thoughts below if you have used this product too! 

Perhaps my New Years resolution should be to make more effort with my skin care routine…Glowing skin is always in.

Lots of love,

Lisa & Winston 👸🏼🐾


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