My Doggy Box

It has been AGES since I have posted a blog! It’s that time of year where I get a bit snowed under with everything – trying to complete the year, buy presents, wrap presents, deliver presents (am I secretly Santa?!) and most importantly lots of parties with friends and family – I hope you are all enjoying the festive season!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME. Love it, love it, love it. And there is one very important pooch that is right at the top of my gift list. This year I stumbled across mydoggybox through Instagram. I noticed they were selling lots of fun toys and treats, so I thought when it got to November I would purchase something for Winston’s birthday (because I am one of those people that makes a fuss of their dog on their birthday, even though they will have absolutely no idea…)

I think Winston was pretty chuffed. This was a solid yoghurt birthday cake – you can pick a blue or a pink candle, and it was a great price of £2.50! I broke it into pieces and gave him a bit a day as a treat, no shock to me he gobbled it up in seconds.

Whilst I was buying this, I couldn’t help but look at the crimbo bits! I  also couldn’t resist buying a personalised doggy advant calander that you can fill with your pooches favourite treats! (This is now unavailable to buy, you snooze you lose pals, sorry. Plus we are part way through the month now anyway so your doggy chum would miss out on lots of days, and perhaps if I had actually blogged about this sooner you may of been introduced before they went out of stock…oops sorry!…but hopefully they will be available next year!) He has been enjoying a treat a day from here, needless to say it is obvious why the treats aren’t in the calendar in this picture as it would of turned out as a LOT of treats in ONE day if he could get his paws on it…

Finally, I thought I would get him a gift for Christmas too. You can create your own doggybox full of fabulous treats, toys, outfits and accessories, or you can select one that has been pre made.

Here is what I bought for Winston:

  • A plush squeaky carrot (£3.49)
  • Pigs in blankets (£2.99)
  • A squeaky santa (£1.50)
  • A handmade chocolate & yoghurt xmas pud (£2.25)

I think they are all reasonably priced and are of great quality. All presented in a mydoggybox that can be reused for keeping dog treats in, as a memory box or what ever you like! Another great thing is that they are a corporate sponsor of Dogs Trust and every item purchased from the website, no matter how small, will contribute towards a monthly donation.

It is under the tree ready and waiting to be unwrapped!

An important point to finish on – the human face behind mydoggybox, Amanda (as well as dog’s Dwayne, Rocco and Wilson) the customer service was incredible. I placed my order and minutes later I received a private message to confirm some details of my order, and that Amanda would get it sent out that day! I might add it was also a Saturday – even the big companies out there half the time won’t even look at your order on a Saturday let alone get it posted out to you that day. To me customer service is as important as the gift you are buying….this is what will make people come back. I can assure mydoggybox has a customer for life with Winston and I. I support small businesses when I can, and this is one I would highly recommend.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check them out! (They close on the 16th Dec for Christmas, so get your crimbo order in quick! They reopen again in Jan)

Website –

Instagram – @mydoggybox

Lots of pug love, hugs and kisses

Lisa & Winston 🐾

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