For The Love Of Food…

If you have a pug (or many other breads!) you will know that they love to act like they have been starved for days and are ALWAYS hungry. Cue the *feel sorry for me and share some of your human food* with me face. 

I know this look VERY well….

Now, judging by the above photos….this definitely shows my diet isn’t particularly great, or anywhere near healthy (but it is delicious!) However, let’s not focus on my diet right now… (Thank god! We will save that for another day lol). This post is about Winston’s diet. Since I got Winston I was very aware of the stereotypical vision of a pug….to put it simply – fat and rolly. One of the first things the vet discussed with me, was to be aware of his weight. So I continued feeding him on the dry food the breeder had him on – I don’t think Winston was overly keen on it, but of course he still ate it. I found as he was getting older his weight was yo-yoing and he was starting to be a bit more picky with his eating.

I went to my local pet store to see what options I had. Here I was introduced to Natures Menu raw food. This I feel has been one of the best decisions I have made for Winston. He is fed 4 cubes each meal, 3 times a day. Each evening I put 12 cubes in the fridge ready for the next day.

 Here are some details of the Natures Menu dog food:

  • Meal sized nuggets with clear serving amounts on the packet 
  • Quality ingredients – human grade meat cuts 
  • Vet approved 
  • Europe’s leading experts in raw food for cats and dogs
  • Wide selection of flavours 
  • Country Hunter superfood nuggets – ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies 

What it has done for Winston:

  • Keeps him slim and slender 
  • Healthy skin
  • Less hyperactive – more balanced energy
  • Fresher breath
  • Most importantly – he LOVES it. His favourite is the Country Hunter white fish and mackerel

As I said, I try to stay aware of what I feed Winston to keep him fit and healthy. I have had people stop and comment on what good condition and health Winston is in, which is always lovely to hear. I am never shy to share the secrets of his diet, and why that I highly recommend this brand of food for dogs. Maybe I should take some of my own advise and look after my own diet as much as I look after his?! 

If you are interested in Natures Menu raw food, or would like some more information – check out their website below:

Natures menu website

Or check them out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Lots of love,

Lisa & Winston 🐾


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