King’s Dog Treats 

We love to support small and new businesses when we can. As a quote I once saw – when you support a small business, you are supporting a dream – and I couldn’t agree more. People often quit the rat race to pursue something they love, meaning starting from scratch, hard work and dedication, and I completely admire them for this. 

I am always looking for goodies for Winston (he’s one spoilt pug!) and I often turn to Instagram for recommendations. I stumbled across Kings Dog Treats. The name ‘King’ is the name of their insta famous Rottweiler, who is a gorgeous gentle giant, and he is the inspiration behind the company. Drawn in instantly by their Jammy Dodgers, Bourbon biscuits and Custard Creams – they looked good enough for a human to eat! (Just to clarify I haven’t tried them myself – and all though these are made with high quality human ingredients, I would recommend sticking to the human version biscuits for us! 😆)

Winston has a very sensitive stomach – even though he will eat anything and everything – not all things he eats agrees with him,and dog treats are one of the things he really struggles with. So I headed over to their website to find out more. They have no hidden nasties and give you full details of their high quality ingredients, a whole page dedicated to this! Packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, I decided to order some for Winston to give these tasty looking treats a go. My first order was the Jammy Dodgers.

They arrived a few days later boxed well with disposable cool packs (at the time it was when we had the heatwave! Yes, remember that time when the UK actually experienced raging hot heat?!) The team at Kings got in touch to tell me to keep them stored in the fridge to stop the strawberry middles melting.

Winston LOVED them and more importantly, did not bring them back up! (Too much information?!) We have since ordered the Bourbons and mixed bones, which both again went down a treat. 

We are getting close to the end of our last bag, so will be placing another order soon! They have new cheesy pretzels…..Winston loves cheese so they will be on the list! And new personalised biscuits too! What a great Christmas prezzie for some of Winston’s dog pals! (Too early to be talking about Christmas?!) 

We highly recommend the guys at King’s Dog Treats, head over to their page to look at all the fab goodies they offer. Sign up to their news letter for all the latest information and any promotional discount codes. 

Instagram/Facebook name – @kingsdogtreats

Website –

“Love your dog, feed your dog King’s dog treats.”

(Sadly, since writing this blog there seems to of been a problem with Kings Dog Treats. Their website is down, and they have not been active on social media. I am unsure as to why at this point, but I hope that everything is ok their side as they truly were always a great company to deal with, it is a shame that they seem to of disappeared for now.)

 Love Lisa & Winston 🐾👸🏼


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