Hi! Welcome to our blog!

Hey! Thank you for stopping by!

Where better to off load tips, advice, opinions and just have general chit chat about things you love?! So here I am writing a blog. It has been on my ‘afraid’ list for a while, when actually I’m not sure what I am really afraid of?! But just in case, I’m bringing my pug with me to hold my hand along the way. Welcome to our wonderful world!

A little bit about us.

Firstly, and most importantly, the pawsome pug. Winston is a fluff eating, food loving snorty fur ball with a super squishy face – but he is the most loving creature that I know.
Secondly, me. My name is Lisa – I am mad about dogs, beauty products and holidays amongst a few other things! Hoping to share some of my love of these with the world.

“We are famous, but no one knows it yet”

Lots of pug love, pug hugs and pug kisses,

Lisa & Winston 🐾👸🏼

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